Product development

Effective product and technology innovation is decisive for many companies’ position and success. The natural daily focus on running operations and order related activities limits unfortunately often the organizations resources and competences needed for the more long term oriented innovation.

In order to strengthen the companies’ innovative abilities and based on our experience in development of mechanical constructions and systems, we offer our assistance at development projects through

participation in chosen,
or in all, phases of development tasks, hereunder in planning, accomplishment or/and out-sourcing of following activities
  • Marketing analysis / demand identification
  • Value chain analysis
  • Generation of ideas and concepts
  • Tender specification
  • Design, documentation, specifications
  • Prototyping
  • Tests and verifications
  • Supply chain set-up
  • Technology transfer in connection with out-sourcing and/or licensing
  • After Sale Service set-up
  • Technical follow-up on products in service
  • Product maturation
  • Promotion and presentations
  • Project management 
We have special knowledge of mechanical construction industry, hereunder machines, systems and services to marine, with broad international experience and network.
Please, contact us for review of needs and possibilities for your project, and eventually offer for our services.