With its location and high population Poland has substantial and, since EU-membership, fast growing importance for entire EU business sector. Poland became big supplier of goods, work force and services for other EU countries, but also Polish market has significant size for export from the other countries. This trade and cooperation is expected to grow in the future.

Especially smaller and mid-size companies have high unexploited potential for growth through business development in/with Poland.

Building business with Polish partners requires understanding and strategic management of the natural barriers originated from differences in culture, language, laws, values and behavior. Insuring development of basic competence within mutual understanding of business culture, communication and linguistic management turns often to be decisive for sustainable success.

Through our background, skills and experience we maintain unique competences on this field and thus we can support foreign companies doing business in and with Poland. We can offer our assistance and/or project management in chosen areas of following activities:

Geographically we have best knowledge to and network in provinces of Wroclaw (woj. Dolno¶l±skie), Katowice (woj. Šl±skie) and Szczecin (woj. Zachodniopomorskie), but we can in principal service business in most of the Poland.

We would like to define and fit extent of our assistance together with our customers in order to find a solution, which meet the specific wishes and requirements.