Building & enterprises

High quality, fast delivery and attractive prizes.

New buildings, renovations, total enterprises and sub-enterprises.

Deliveries primary in Denmark, but other locations possible.


Special expertise
• Facades:
insulation, cleaning, plastering, covering, painting
• Roofs:
construction, insulation, covering, tiles, metal sheets, roof-plumber
• Floors:
insulation, casting, floor-heat, covering, wood, floor-tiles, epoxy
• Bathrooms:
building, wet-room treatment, floor and wall tile covering
• Complete
renovations of flats and houses
• Masonry and carpentry

The tasks are mainly made by sub-suppliers, hereunder often Polish companies and craftsmen.
However, electrical and plumber work is always delivered by Danish authorized engineers.

Additional services for the builder/investor
• Project management
• Advisory and project development
• Thermograph analysis

Contact us for review of your project and eventual offer.